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October 17, 2018


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Well said, Brian.


Brian --

It's MBS -- Muhammed BIN Salman.
Anyone wanting to keep up, minute by minute, on this issue, as well as have knowledgeable and intelligent discussion to read, would do well to go to this site, and look at the past several days' worth of postings:
Some of the most intelligent political discussions on the web.
Then there's this, from the Koran:
“I (Allah) shall strike terror into the hearts of the kafirs (unbelievers). Strike off their heads; strike off even the tips of their fingers.” (Koran 8:12)

The DJT response to the Saudi linked Khashoggi disappearance highlights his instinctual preference to ignore reality, emphasize personal relationships e.g. MBS and focus on economic benefits over the moral quagmire surrounding the disappearance of a "fake news" (information & opinions that contradicts DJT beliefs) commentator.

As DJT has publicly stated: “I have a natural instinct for science." Someone who relies on his/her instincts (a personal belief system) is clearly unwilling to be influenced by reality or logical facts. Why bother gathering information or data when your instincts are your primary and apparently the only acceptable decision making guide?

I agree with E.M.
DJT's comments would have been MUCH more credible if he would have appeared on the White House lawn alongside the Secretary of State and blamed Khashoggi disappearance on a U-Tube video and then jailed a small-time video producer for the entire incident.
That would have been MUCH MORE presidential.

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