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October 26, 2018


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Hi Brian
Your post says it all. You have the problem of America right there, embodied in Kendell.

I've given up on Democracy.

Politicians have to dumb down their message so far to reach the level of the voting population, that the act itself requires a level of corruption.

Trump's election did it, and the subsequent normalizing of racism, sexual molestation, corporate theft and a host of other things that only a few years ago were considered wrong.

When I think of the people who voted for him and support his policies and still manage to go to church on Sunday, I understand why the human race may not last too long here.

Why are they even going to church and using Jesus ' name? What's the point?

Jesus said to shelter and feed the homeless and hungry stranger, and in Leviticus it says we should treat the foreigner living among us as ourselves. That is without regard to their beliefs.

Of course the Bible says a lot of other horrifying things too.

But my point is I'm now convinced that human beings don't really have enough vision and morality to adapt and to help one another, and we'll either kill ourselves off in war, avarice or environmental appocolypse.

And I think I'm beginning to realize the inevitability of this, and make peace with it.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
-Robert Frost

I think your ad for Sheleswau (Strange Up Salem) is going to hurt her. Please do not turn her campaign into a racial fight. She is an awesome candidate. Your write up was great except for the first paragraph. It just seeks to divide and inflame instead of bringing people together for the common good of a great candidate. Page posts are public, they go out to everyone. It showed poor judgment on your part and editing it won't fix it because the controversy is still in the comments. You may just sink her campaign in the final days if just the "right jerk" sees your ad and decides to blow it up.

When I've talked to Shelaswau and watched her campaign she never speaks using inflammatory language or race-baiting terms. Please don't represent or "support" her in this way. Please take your ad down. We need Shelaswau to win. Thanks.
PS: I enjoy your musings, we agree on a lot.

Sharon, here's some thoughts about your comment.

(1) I'm not part of the Crier campaign. When I write a political post on Facebook I share how I feel about a candidate. What i said about Crier struck me as absolutely true when I wrote it, and I still feel that way Here's what I said:

"VOTE FOR SHELASWAU CRIER. Currently the Marion County Board of Commissioners is made up of three white conservatives. Crier, a Salem resident, is a woman of color, a Yale Law School graduate, and a passionate advocate for family wage jobs, affordable housing, and quality health care. She will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the Board of Commissioners."

(2) That Facebook post has reached 5,134 people so far. It has 845 "engagements." (I believe this is comments, shares, clicks on the link to Crier's web site.) I'm pleased with that.

(3) I ran an ad for Jackie Leung last year when she ran a similar underdog campaign against Steve McCoid in the Ward 4 City Council race. I'm pretty sure that i mentioned she would be the first woman of color on the current City Council. She won in a surprising upset against McCoid. Speaking truth to power never hurts.

(4) Most mentions in newspapers of Stacey Abrams, who is a Democrat running for Georgia governor, point out that she would be the first black female governor in the United States. They're reporting a fact. My Facebook post similarly reported a fact, plus my opinion that Crier would be a great Marion County Commissioner.

(5) I realize that we live in a time of political correctness and racial tensions. But i believe these trends should be met head-on, not shirked. Crier would, to my knowledge, be the first black woman elected as a Marion County Commissioner. I think this would be great. And I said so in my Facebook post, which I stand by completely.

(6) If someone is bothered by my mention that Crier is a woman of color, almost certainly they wouldn't be voting for her regardless.

(7) The post was targeted at liberal Facebook users who live in Salem. Salem tilts leftward, politically, while the rest of Marion County tilts conservative. If Crier is to win, she has to do really well among Salem voters, since she isn't going to win the Republican vote in other parts of Marion County. So my post should help with this.

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