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September 14, 2018


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Blogger wrote: " And given how unpopular Trump is, that's great news for those, like me, who want a Blue Wave to wash over not only Oregon, but the whole country."

--And this is what a Blue Wave washing over the country would look like: California!
There's been a Blue Wave in place there for a long time...


It's unfortunate to hear you and others be so dismissive of the IPO candidate, Patrick Starnes. He is a single issue candidate; campaign/political funding reform. There are a lot of practical thinkers (I like to count myself as one of them) who happen to agree very strongly that this one issue is the most important issue in America today. The distortion effect of money on the political process and legislative outcomes has eliminated bi-partisan governance from our lexicon and calcified political divides. It would be much easier to accept political outcomes as being the will of the majority if there were a lot more transparency and fairness in the process. I'm not so sure that a candidate who runs on that premise should be dismissed so quickly, even if the chances of his winning are nearly zero.


I'm not sure pointing out a candidate (worthy or not) having raised next to nothing is the same as being dismissive of them. I for one, would love a politician to focus on what you say his one issue is. Getting money out of Politics.

With that said. Money *is* in politics today. Very much so. $222 isn't going to get you to the table with the other candidates. Stating that is not being dismissive, it sharing a reality. Perhaps a sad reality but reality all the same.

The GAZ . price will define the winner


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