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August 18, 2018


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It would be interesting to learn how the Chamber leadership formulates its policies, eg their fanatical quest for the "third bridge", and the extent to which they involve their membership while reaching these policy positions. Is there a fy on the wall out there?

The Chamber is being as dishonest as Jim Lewis was in his recent campaign when he promised to deliver the 3rd Bridge if reelected. The Chamber can't deliver it either and they know it. Quit lying. The 3rd Bridge is dead and rotting in its grave. The LUBA decision in August of 2016 finished it off. LUBA said that the Salem City Council did not follow state laws in passing land use actions necessary for the Environmental Impact Statement to move forward. By that time the Chamber-backed Council that could have fixed the problem was gone, replaced by three new anti-bridge Councilors. And since then two more anti-bridge Councilors have been elected (a total of six). I can't believe the Chamber is still beating this very dead horse.

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