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August 03, 2018


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I agree the Democratic presidential nominee has to be very charismatic. We need someone who is ultra confident and fast on their feet who can back Trump into the corner and show him for the fool that he is.

I like Warren but I don't think she is particularly charismatic, Hillary wasn't either. I really like Merkley but he too is lacking in that spark that ignites fire in people. I haven't seen enough of the other two women you mentioned.... I worry there's no obvious person and time is running short. Honestly, I'd still vote for Bernie in a heartbeat. I'll take an old firebrand ANYDAY over a corporatist in an empty suit. I don't care how old Bernie is, he has more fire in him than most people half his age.

I enjoy your posts. :)

I thought your take on this was interesting...but, doubt you can underestimate the shallowness of this country’s voting population.

Democrats keep doing stupid shit like taking pot shots at Bernie Sanders supporters when you would think after such a monumental feat of losing to Donald Trump they would want all the support they can get.

I have to say, I tend to agree with your wife on this. I honestly was surprised that Hillary made it out of the primaries because I have so little faith in America truly supporting female leaders in any way, shape or form.

Now to be fair I didn't vote for her in the primaries so perhaps some of my surprise was just a ting of disappointment in Bernie losing. But regardless, I had no problem getting behind her (and seeing her as a very, very capable candidate) in the general election. It's hard for me to not speculate a bit that the overall lack of support for women in these roles was not feeding into The Bernie Bros almost vindictive "Never Her" approach. And I fear that any women that Hillary specifically supports in 2020 will be getting that same badge to wear if they like it not.

So no, while I think there are some amazing female candidates out there. (I'd add Tulsi Babbard to your list too by the way.) I think the misogyny in this country is far too great for them to stand a serious chance. And though I do like Jeff Merkley a lot, he has a very soft spoken demeanor. His words may have a real bite to them from time to time. But the delivery matters against someone as bombastic as Donald Trump.

With all that said, I would be so happy to be proven wrong!

Logan, good points. I hear what you're saying, but here's a counter-argument.

Clinton carried a lot of baggage. I liked her, but a lot of progressives didn't, for one reason or another. Bernie Sanders wasn't exactly highly supportive of Clinton, even after she won the nomination. The email server "scandal" was a big distraction. Comey's press conference and his later talk about reopening the investigation hurt her just before the election. There was Russian meddling.

Even with all that, Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes and barely lost the electoral college. I recall three states made the difference, with a total of about 70,000 votes giving the election to Trump,

So it sure seems like a more attractive (politically, not physically) and charismatic woman candidate could beat Trump in 2020, given how close Clinton came in 2016, even with all the headwinds against her. It's crazy that this country has never elected a female president.

The time has to come eventually. Maybe 2020 is that time. Hey, I'm getting older by the minute. (I'm 69 now.) I'd like to see a woman be elected president before I die. Do it for me, America!

I completely agree with all you've said. There was a lot more too it in 2016, no doubt. And while Clinton came with plenty of her own (often earned) baggage, I'd dare say a great portion of it was actually "Bill's". But that's another rant for another time.

And like I said before, I would love to be wrong about my view on this. We all really only have the worlds we live in to sharp our perspective and understanding. At the moment I prefer yours to mine! Here's hoping America can get it done for us both!

Brian, I would be willing to bet you almost any amount that Trump will not be the Republican candidate for President in 2020.

Jim, I'll take the bet. How about $20? Why do you think this?

You're on. There is going to be an avalanche of evidence of his corruption and lack of fitness for office that he won't be able to survive. If the Dems take the House this fall he will probably be impeached (though perhaps not convicted in the Senate). He may not be forced to resign, but he certainly won't be the Republican nominee in 2020.

I think Maxine Waters is a compelling Democrat choice to run against Trump. Great charisma, intelligence and wit. She's sophisticated and her campaign slogan is already well-established in the minds of thinking Americans everywhere... "Impeach 45!, Impeach 45!". A hell of a lot better than "Make America great again"... damnedest concept I ever heard. Imagine Maxine with Nancy Pelosi as a running mate. A dynamic duo if there ever was one.

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