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June 20, 2018


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Why would anyone believe that a Bridgeport-like shopping center would be arriving just miles south from Keizer station? Come on. This is Salem. It's hard to name a business that receives more support than Costco.

This is how commercial real estate has always worked in Salem. A lot of these folks complaining are likely Republicans (considering the area's past voting record) and likely support the Chamber and free markets. These are the same folks that likely voted against weekend bus service. Past votes, past attitudes, and past support make Salem what it is. You reap what you sow. This would not happen in Corvallis. Why? Their vision of a city is embedded in their local zoning ordinances. Apparently, our vision in Salem includes tacky electronic billboards.

Last, this is (obviously) a case of NIMBY.

It stinks for these folks and those neighborhoods, but this is Salem. Of course it's going to be a Costco.

When it goes in, officials may as well just start yet another revamping of Kuebler to add yet more lanes given it is backed up now many times during the day. It will become the adjunct parking lot for Costco.

It is a big block of undeveloped land. What did everyone expect was going to happen especially when it is zoned for commercial properties?

If people really don't want it developed then they should buy the property and pay the taxes on it. Unreasonable you say? Yes that suggestion is but it is no less reasonable than to tell Costco they can't or shouldn't build there when they are buying the land.

As for congestion, that really isn't Costco's fault. Salem planning should have taken the industrial zone and use into account when they redid Kuebler.

Ultimately, if you don't like congestion then you personally need to deal with it. Whether that means using alternative methods of transportation, moving out of the city or working to change when you make your commute; that should be up to each individual person. Cities are congested. It's a fact of life unless the city is dying.

The land around the Amazon.Inc area is more then big enough for Costco and easier to get too then the current and proposed areas.

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