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May 01, 2018


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So we need to vote for people who want to talk about solutions other than a third bridge?
Weve had years to talk about solutions. Why are they waiting to get elected to get some ideas on the board? Im not particulatly impressed with people who “are willing to discuss” but have not offered some realistic ideas to discuss.
Weve read all the comments posted. I would think if one was really realistic, more people would endorse it and make the discussion more fruitful.
Calling a realistic solution a “fantasy” doesnt seem like one is inclined to discuss.
Heres how a solution is discussed.
Identify the problem.
Identify solutions.
Pick one or more.
The problem is crossing the river.
Solutions are
Dont cross the river
Its easy to eliminate several of these.
So....we are left with several solutions, eh?

Maybe we should identify the CORRECT problem first.
The "problem" is crossing the river at rush hour traffic times. Due to the congestion on both sides getting on and off the bridge during that specific time of the day.
There is no problem crossing the river for thousands of people during the majority of the day.
I live in the Highland neighborhood and average probably a trip over the bridge once a day because it is FASTER to go to West Salem to run certain errands, because I don't use the bridge at rush hour times.

I am a West Salem resident, and the “Preferred Alternative” is NOT a viable solution for another bridge. A study by ODOT traffic engineers clearly shows that the “Preferred Alternative” will actually INCREASE traffic congestion. That study is posted on the West Salem Neighborhood Association FB site. Why would anyone support a bridge whose construction would require closing the Rosemont exit, paying hundreds of dollars a year in tolls, destroying a portion of West Salem’s largest park, at a cost of almost a BILLION dollars (including finance charges) when it would INCREASE congestion? There has been lots of talk and planning and the result has been a fatally flawed plan. Time to get some fresh perspectives on the City Council, and those are NOT going to come from Lewis and McCoid.

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