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May 20, 2018


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Predatory capitalism in action. No concern for anything except the bottom line, and people like this are perfectly content to see you die in the street if they can make a profit from your death. What makes it particularly galling is that our taxes go to support businesses like this. If so called "free enterprise" works so well, why is taxpayer money needed constantly to prop it up?

Brian, all good points. We have lived in Creekside since 2003. I do not play golf nor can we see the course from our home. And in trying to be a good environmentalist, I shudder at the amount (and cost) of water and chemicals (eventually flowing into waterways) it takes to keep large swaths of grass pristine. However, some folks moved here to either live on a golf course or be near one. So, I feel that the move to close the course is also about “fairness” to those who bought here thinking one thing and now maybe getting another. Second, Creekside residents and surrounding communities should be aware of the traffic that a large development will create. I am not a traffic expert, but look at the draft plan being floated to see the (lack of) roads flowing in and out of the planned development. The terrain south is not conducive to roadways, Sunnyside to the east will become a mess (when not flooded), and Lone Oak and Creekside Drive may as well become four lanes. And a bridge across Jory Creek, with accompanying development up the hill, will only increase congestion. Last, I understand from neighbors who belong to The Club that Danny Moore, who is leasing the course and clubhouse, is doing a good job increasing membership and hopefully turning a profit. So, the owners very well are making money…without it being a development. (And isn’t it ironic to think that this rent money may be going into an account used to plan for a development or legal fees related to the HOA).

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