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February 02, 2018


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You’re dumb, don’t put something slanderous on someone’s name who’s done so much great throughout this city. This town is a trash heap and needs improvements to infrastructure everywhere. I’m glad he’s doing something to improve this town! LETS GO LARRY!

Please, if any of you would like to try to build apartments next to a river, next to a bridge, and have to essentially build your own internal power plant (PGE?) be my guest. Next, try to predict the cost of avant-garde adaptive reuse and work with the City of Salem to maintain compliance and exacting interpretation of the current code. The risks taken by this team would have bankrupted smaller businesses. From my perspective, we now have an amazing project with extra parking (who does this!) and a great venue to support our downtown business, waterfront, and Salem as a City. No one would have bailed this project out and any money we spent (our taxes) in urban renewal has already been deployed by the tenants in our downtown core. I personally know the risks of development, (anyone remember The Meridian or The Rivers). Change is constant, let's look at the responsible capitalists in our towns and appreciate the risks they take. If they are not treating their employees, contractors, and customers right, ask them why and vote with your dollars. Reward the good ones with your patronage and ignore the others with your economic silence.

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