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December 05, 2017


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I agree that we should not build on too steep slopes or other areas that have a geological or environmental sensitive areas. However I do not agree that we've built on all the easy land. Sure there are fewer undeveloped lots in the UGB but the smart thing to do would be to redevelop lots that are underdeveloped. And there are many of those. Salem still has too high parking minimums. There's an apartment proposal near Lancaster St that has too many parking spots next to a big box store that has way to much parking.
If Salem wants to mature, all of the Code and regulations that limit redevelopment and growing up need to be eliminated.

What Mike said! I think Salem has lots of infill potential in the central city. We might see retail continue to shrink (like the Kmart site on Mission Street). We've got the North Campus. We have lots of "missing teeth" (former building sites that have become parking lots, etc.) downtown and on State Street and other streets in the core. We need small scale, incremental growth, particularly of multi-family dwellings and mixed use buildings (retail downstairs and apartments upstairs) throughout the city.

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