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December 11, 2017


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Just read your comments about Women/Womxn, Interesting topic. I helped plan the Women's March on NYC. A lot of people had the pink "pussy" hats and believe it or not, a lot of transgender ppl were mad about the hats, because they felt it shouldn't have been about "pussies," I'm old enough that I'm embarrassed to even type the word! LOL I kind of like the Womxn thing, I honestly think you'll get the same happy marching 4,000 people to come to your march regardless of the X or E, but if you don't use the E, and use the X, you may get some extra folks and you may get some extra press. ;) These are my own thoughts and not a reflection of The Women's March Alliance, and thanks for including our Women's March Alliance page!

Teresa, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, I'm frequently amazed, and dismayed, at how liberals/progressives will spend so much time and energy getting upset with each other about small things, when there is That Giant Thing called Donald Trump we all should be focused on, along with his GOP accomplices.

Or course, I could be accused of doing just that in this blog post. However, I've tried to be reasonable and polite in my critique of Salem having a Womxn's March on the Sunday after many other cities are having a Saturday Women's March. I feel that calling the event a Women's March likely would attract people who'd wonder what the heck a Womxn's March is, and whether they're welcome at it. But you may be right that the "x" would attract more interest from both ordinary people and the media. I'm just not sure to what extent the interest would be positive.

For future reference: womxn includes transgender and women of color. That is the difference between womyn and womxn. Doesn’t seem so harsh to me! Try not to take things so personally, allies (almost) are always welcome.

Hmmmm . Marissa, I'm pretty sure women of color have been happily using the word "woman" to describe themselves. I wonder how many of them feel they need help from those who want to substitute "womxn"? Ditto with transgender women. Maybe ;you're right, and "womxn" will become a widely accepted word. I just am doubtful that such will happen, or that such is needed.

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