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October 11, 2017


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I don't agree with everything Brian proposes or makes examples of but what I do know is that he has made me more in tune with what's happening in my home town of Salem.

Thank you for your time speaking at city council meetings. Voices must be heard.

Well said, Brian. Business has its place, but it is best for a community when it meets the needs of all citizens. Right now, some business people are harming our community with their greed and self aggrandizement. A great example is the $750,00 of taxpayer money T.J. Sullivan was paid to subsidize his office building. If business and so called "free enterprise" and its defenders are so wonderful, why do they need taxpayers to keep them afloat? Fact is, most of the "service" for the community they provide is designed to increase their bottom line. Until that changes they are going to have to live with criticism.

I'd like to give a "Right On!" to nwb's comment above, and add my own.

For several years I worked with the Salem livability enhancement group CityWatch. While persons like Sullivan were scheming and plotting to increase their personal wealth by squeezing money from taxpayers, dozens of CityWatch volunteers were spending their own time and their own funds and their own shoe leather in thousands of volunteer hours, all for the purpose of providing benefits and increasing the quality of life for all Salem residents.

So, who's done the most for their city, the greedy Sullivans or the selfless volunteers?

Don't let those trolls get to you - it's purely political. You're threatening to the status quo. Keep it up.

Hey TJ, I'm no one important but I am going door to door to try to advocate for you and Raquel and I'm just wondering if there's anything you need me to know comment or say because I'm on your side and I don't know much about this campaign yet but I am going door to door like I said and I really like this blog I really like what you responded with I really liked how you handled it and if there's anything you need me to know it would be great in order to tell these folks when I'm going to Georgia even the Democrats LOL again my name is Aubreh Barnes and I really support u from everything I've read and seen so far

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