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September 26, 2017


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The rituals and rights of civility need to be routinely performed with conviviality. The US pledge of allegiance offers an opportunity to demonstrate civility. It also offers an opportunity to protest the words of the pledge. Brian, your declaration regarding, “under god”, is clear and understandable. Your method of protest is civil.

Kneeling in disagreement with the yet to be attained “with liberty and justice for all” is likewise a civil expression of disagreement, just as flag burning and other acts of civil disobedience have been in the past. Chastising such acts of protest accomplishing nothing.

Conversely dismissing the civic act of acknowledging our flawed democracy through a public pledge does two things. 1) Removes an opportunity for individuals to publicly affirm the role of the United States of American in there lives. 2) Removes one more peaceful event where individuals can publicly protest.

Your quote: “Yes, I suppose it seems like a nice idea to line the kids up every morning and force them to mouth a pledge to the flag … but to do is entirely inappropriate.” requires an answer. Why is it inappropriate?

Removing the Pledge of Allegiance from Council meetings, school gatherings and sporting events appears innocuous, but before we do that I invite you to offer what you believe is a suitable public expression of civic aspirations and common community values.

Brian --

Here's a popular political columnist who agrees with you 100 percent --


-- as do I.

-- and another one:


You may remember, depending on your age, that they added the "under God" part afterwards, about third grade for NE. Even then I thought something strange was up with that because is God was supposed to be there he works have been all along. So I didn't add the "God" part then to my recitation, then and not ever. Pretty audacious for a seven year old or what ever I was then. So I guess your protest can be labeled #TakeAButt, since you will be sitting the pledge out :-) -Sandy

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