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September 28, 2017


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You might want to see how San Diego approaches the homeless problem.
We are in the midst of a hepatitis A epidemic in the downtown area. So far 17 deaths and it's spreading to surrounding communities.
Hepatitis A is spread by fecal germs spread by contact with the germs from fecal matter.
City streets are what the homeless use is the absence of public toilets.
Now San Diego is trying to stop the spread by hosing down streets with caustic chemicals and for Trying to force the homeless out of the downtown area to Balboa Park. Formerly a national tourist draw. Who will go there to expose themselves to Hep A?.
Same goes for the convention center.
We can't keep out NFL team and are losing our label "Americas Finest City"
But, we can keep building starter homes at starting prices of 550,000 for 1700 sq ft

This is an excellent idea and it seems that the benefits of adding a arta potty. I live in Los Angeles county and I can tell you the homeless downtown are there and doing their business all over the streets. I think businesses would welcome this idea! We have organizations that feed the homeless without consideration of what goes in , must come out!

Thank you Rebecca for doing the right thing for all the human beings that like to eat!!

Seems like a pretty simple answer to unsanitary conditions that can cause some pretty serious health problems and in some instances death.
If you care and have pride for your city, where is the problem? It is a necessity and afterall aren't we our brother's keeper?
It is love, or the lack of it .., where do you stand, or will you just turn a blind eye?
Frank Aguilar
Maple Valley, WA

Thanks, Brian. Rebecca Maitland is an absolute angel. Voters stepped up to fund a new Salem police station. I think the police could now step up to "protect and serve". Many private organizations and people have offered to sponsor art-a-potties for $75/month but there is the stumbling block of where to put them. HOW HARD CAN THIS BE (we shout into the wind)? There seem to be some city management types who look for ways to obstruct. It's time to put some pressure on the city to step up and do its job!
Pun intended. I'm going to write to Mayor Chuck about this.

This is an immediate solution for many areas. Every day that passes the streets become more contaminated and disease spreads. Rebecca is an intelligent creative angel.i hope more people in power and business in Salem willl provide these potties for their environment.

How interesting that you talk about how having public portable toilets can keep the streets clean. My husband and I are in charge of our family's reunion this summer actually. We want to find a good portable toilet service we can use for this.

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