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August 04, 2017


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Thank you for sharing this. Developers get away with many environmentally destructive practices that lower the quality of life for us all. If " accidents " with trees happen then make them replace them with an equal tree.

During the summer Street overhaul God knows how long ago 20 years maybe. "Did you know there is freaking trolly tracks down there?". It was a huge event yet we found some history. It was footnoted and never brought up again . They moved houses, destroyed trees blah blah blah. Salem on the move!

Thank you for the insight. Big healthy trees contribute to our Health.
It is great to have Tom Anderson as a city councilman. Tom's knowledge & representation of city of Salem residents is greatly appreciated.

And isn't Salem known as a top Tree City---don't we get recognition and awards for our beautiful
trees ! Trees make this a beautiful place to live ! Do you know how long that tree has stood there and all the history it has seen? Why does the City of Salem think they know what is best ----consult and listen to the
arborists. And isn't this tree in the Historic District?

It always is important to note very clearly: THIS IS OUR TREE! It belongs to the City and its citizens. Why wouldn't it be appropriate to fine contractors who do damage to our street trees? It might make them be a little more careful.

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