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June 15, 2017


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I guess I am in the same boat. I have faithfully subscribed for 50 years. My recent bill is $31.01.

Well, it seems Gannett, (thinly disguised as the Statesman Journal) is scamming a LOT of people - we've been paying $42/mo.
Just today received Babs latest letter with new rate as of 12/1/17 will be a whopping $61.99/mo.!
Yes. That's right. A 47%+ increase!!! Per month.
No way are we paying that much for barely one section's worth of local news.
We aren't interested in scrolling through some online news or newsletters. Thanks, but we have lives without having to 'virtually' fill them!
And don't get me started on that cat litter box liner called, USA Today - talk about biased reporting, fake political news, and Hollywood trash.

Gannett - you are hammering the nails into your own coffin.

Bye Gannett. Bye Babs. And, alas, goodbye Statesman Journal.

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