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April 11, 2017


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I'm Number One! Thanks Brian for giving me this distinction. I suspected something like this might be coming when, in a much earlier post, you noted that I had "pleasing eccentric qualities" or words to that effect. There is one small error in your description - I ALWAYS ride my bicycle to City Council meetings as well as committee meetings and most community functions. I shall do all I can to defend my crown from usurpation!

Tom, I've edited the post to make it clear that you ALWAYS ride your bicycle to City Council meetings.

I do feel the need to point out something that, you, as an attorney, should be well aware of: as a public official you have now entered into a contract of sorts with Salem citizens. "I will ALWAYS ride my bicycle to City Council meetings."

Believe me, watching eyes will now be keeping a close look on you the next time there is a significant snow/ice storm on the day of a City Council meeting. If Councilor Tom Andersen is seen walking or driving to the meeting, he will be at considerable risk of being demoted from his #1 position on the official Strange Up Salem "Who is the strangest of them all?" City Council rankings.

(Unless, of course, I change my mind on a whim, like our so-called President Trump.)

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