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April 16, 2017


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I think it's way simpler than this. If you always write to oppose things, you sound negative, even if you aren't. The solution to this problem, if it is a problem, is to find one good thing to write about for every oppositional piece you write. Try it? Christine

Great post! Thanks Brian. I'd like to add that few people in Salem understand the events that brought us to the present moment of our civic history in which the tide has turned from the conservative to the progressive direction. We had a progressive City government led by Mike Swaim that was ousted by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and its developer and realtor allies (read the article about political donations by Larry Tokarski in the last Salem Weekly if you want an eye-opener on this). That happened about 15 years ago. We have had a conservative City government ever since that has seen their main job as pandering to special interests. That began to change with the election of Tom Andersen in 2014 and the formation of Progressive Salem in 2015. Four more progressives have been elected since then, thanks to Progressive Salem, to make a new progressive majority. So having had to say 'no' to bad policy for 15 years, I hope that soon we can say 'yes' to lot of good policy coming from our new City Council majority.

A few things that occur to me after reading this entry and comments. Speaking from a long-time, former-Democrat perspective I need to counter the mis-statement that all conservatives don't like change. It is such a dishonest entry point to any argument by progressives. "Progress" is a subjective concept and progress simply for the sake of change should be recognized for what it is by informed citizens - an underhanded attempt to replace the status quo because that status quo is fundamentally hated by progressives. So you all pick up a chisel with your battle cry of progress and proceed to hit conservatives on the head with it. You really shouldn't be surprised when you are accused of being "negative". (And for the record I do not identify as a conservative.)

Personally I hope you continue your vocal "negativity" as that screams who you are just as loudly as a MAGA red cap. I always know just who NOT to vote for.

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