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March 27, 2017


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I canceled my subscription two years ago. Just sayin'

I pay $29 for a digital subscription. I read the E-Newspaper every morning. Sometimes they failed to deliver my paper newspaper. Don't have to worry about that anymore. It took a little getting used to, but I'm glad I made the switch.

I suggest you contact the DOJ Consumer Protection office (they have a toll-free number) and ask them to help you with parsing that offer. If $11/month is "Save 50%", then the comparison quantity is $22/month.

Gannett's price increase would be a bit less galling (and ever so slightly justifiable) if they were still delivering the same level of content. Instead over the past few years they have adopted the policy of "less for more."

I honestly feel lucky if i see more than 2 local bylines in the entire first section. Everything else is AP stories, regurgitated press releases, maybe a half column story from a sister paper, and plenty of low-effort low-content reader feedback stories featuring the same circle of mouthbreathers spouting off the same drivel ad infinitum. (um.. err.. except for the occasional enlightening well reasoned opinions offered by the intelligent and charming Mrs. and Mr. Hines) The Statesman Journal's paid-for "content" should not lead me to be so well versed in the political musings of Dorian Fucking Atkins that I am able to anticipate his always offered (and printed!) ill-informed opinions before I even read them.

Wow! Poor, poor, poor customer service! Tried calling to take care of a billing issue from SJ. I changed banks in May, change the auto pay to new bank, 2 months later, I get a letter that my delivery will be cancelled if I don't pay. Well SJ, I've had to deal your errors over the years, each time being your error! I hall to call 3 times in July to finally get a rep to answer my call. I noticed in October no autopay was taken out, tried to call and get through once again. Gave up and then I got a call from SJ mail rep, gave correct date of expiration code on my autopay. Still nothing for weeks. I once again have tried to call 6 times with being on hold for over 15 to 30 minutes, only to be hung up on! I then sent an email 11/14/17 PM, got return email that they would call the next day. Still no call! Now a letter to call 11/21/17, which I'm now on hold for 30 minutes! WTH~ The only reason we have SJ is that my husband wants it. I would have ditched this piece of crap years ago! Am I angry you ask? Yes, indeed! I can't get this resolved. I'd pay online, but guess what its over $33.00 more than I owe!~ The worst!

Barbara Smith strikes again in Indianapolis!!

Here in Indianapolis, I just received a similar letter and experience. The letter, signed again by "Barbara Smith, VP Customer Service" indicates that my monthly subscription will be increasing from $39 to $58.51, a 50% increase. On the website new subscribers are offered an introductory rate of $13/mo, represented as a 50% discount, which would indicate a base subscription price of $26/mo!

I wonder if Barbara Smith even exists, or if that is just a fake identity that they use to diffuse the anger?

My letter from the SJ stated that I would be paying $46.00 plus tax. Probably equates to $50. I went to SJ and asked to cancel my subscription. They advised me that someone would call to negotiate my cost. SJ called and I will be getting the Wednesday and Sunday paper for $11. They should never have involved themselves with USA Today. They should not have changed some of the comics. They really don't report anything; no births, no marriages, no divorces, no arrests, etc. My home town paper prints more that SJ. I believe they should change the name of the paper to LSJ (Liberal Statesman Journal).

I recently called in to cancel,I get wed and Sunday.was told I could get it for 7$ a month for 3 months. I decided I could accept that ,my next bill is for 25$! Looks like I will be spending another 20 minutes on hold so I can cancel.

S J is impossible to contact. Try to send a comment and you are told that not all fields are correct. I typed in the no robot numbers about 6 times before giving up. Have been a subscriber for about 50 years. No more. Rates get bigger, paper gets smaller. I' m done.

Yesterday, I received a mail from Statesman Journal saying that my subscription fee is going up from $42/mon to $60/mon starting 7/1/2018.
$60 is the same price as Costco's annual membership and I cancelled the subscription just now.
Statesman Journal is not worth $60/mon for me.

This price hike has happened about three times so far since I've been employed with Gannett and locally working at Statesman Journal. I don't have much on specifics but it is clearly a demographically determined rate. We've experienced significant reduction in work force in most departments. We also have carriers that regularly fail to deliver the paper and are only still employed here because no one else is willing to do the work.

Oh.. and unfortunately more and more processes have been taken away from our customer service and they will likely insist you call the 800 number. Sometimes they may forward you to 502-333-7813 without giving you that number of course ;)

Gannet has done a Tony Soprano-like bust out of the once locally owned Capital Journal and Oregon Statesman. As a subscriber since 1980 I have witnessed the acceleration of decline of the paper in the last ten years. The Sports Department is now one guy who is expected to cover two PAC12 universities, several small colleges, and a couple dozen high schools in a SMSA of over 400,000 people. My Midwestern hometown of just over 18,000 has three dedicated sports reporters on their staff.

And it’s not just sports coverage, everything has been stripped out of the paper. I believe it started when the deceased were asked to pay for their own obits.

Sure Gannett, like most of the media in the US, has a corporate far left message to send, mostly through their nationwide paper USAT, but that could be ignored if there was more local news than just county restaurant inspections.

Is Gannett getting ready to fold up their newspaper biz? They fired the printers and sold the machinery. They are trying to sell the building.

The last straw was a letter from some Gannett kid in Kentucky/Indiana telling me that as a valued longterm customer my rate was jumping from $22 a month to $45 a month.

My wife and I can almost fly both of us RT to Hawaii for that price. Hope someone local buys this turkey or picks its bones when it assumes room temperature. We need local news and local ownership. You’d think the Capital of Oregon could manage that and maybe a local TV station. (We don’t want Roseburg and K-falls to dance around us.

i cancelled my subscription in june they still took the payment from my bank acct.. i called and was told i would get a refund within 2 weeks... now its been more than 2 months and about 6 phone calles and still NO REFUND ..WTF they take the money quick but dont want to refund you in a timely manner

Now, 2019, things have only gotten worse with our beloved Gannett. Brian, you should probably adjust your subscription cost figures to factor in days when the paper is not delivered at all, which in our case is at least once or twice a month. I've calculated our cost at over $650 a month. And from time to time I can't help thinking that if their business and operational practices are so shabby, is it not possible that perhaps their journalism isn't what we'd hope for.

This scam is still going on. I just now went thru the same email/chat cycle reported here. I'm paying $68 per month for 7-day delivery when the website says the rate is $26 per month and I'm being stonewalled as to why.

I'm gonna offer to cancel and see if I get a 'negotiation' on my price.

Oh, and my delivery record for the past year stank. I had more missing papers than in the ten previous years combined.

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