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March 10, 2017


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Congratulations to Daniel Benjamin for coming around and opposing the third bridge! Based on his unassailable logic, if you don't like dealing with the "terrible rush hour traffic" (which has always been that way for 40 years due to 5 o'clock congestion) you can just move to a part of the town where you don't have to cross the bridge to go from home to work. Problem solved! That's what he would do. Heck I bet he would even help you move.

Well, isn’t it interesting that Tom Anderson got new replacement sidewalks in front of his house but he can’t find money for people in wheelchairs? Progressives are just as bad as chamber/home builder/realtor council picks. First grab it for yourself, and if anything is left over, then folks might get something. Salem, why can’t you elect decent people, there are LOTS of them living anoints you.

In the downtown alley where businesses are located there ARE sidewalks for pedestrians but the city in its wisdom felt it was more important Thor businesses to completely, permanently block the whole sidewalk with planters and tables for the exclusive use by a business. All pedestrians and WHEELCHAIRS are required to walk and roll amongst the huge delivery trucks with no sidewalk for protection. When I tried to get the head of public works to open the sidewalk he said he had declared the alley as “intermodal” so it was safe for everyone to share the road and no sidewalks were needed. I contacted the state handicap rights organization but no one responded to my email. Guess they are home washing dishes instead of doing their job. I guess the city will just declare the whole mess “intermodal” and we won’t need sidewalks anywhere. What a wonderfully helpful idea from our stellar department heads.

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