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February 03, 2017


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Brian said," It's time for People Power to replace Money Power in this town."

Yes. And it's time to replace NASA with the cow jumping over the moon.

Hi Brian,
i really appreciate you attending and participating in what goes on in our city.
I can't involve in person because ... physical limitations. But now and then I butt my nose in and my gosh I'm glad I wasn't there.
Citizens are also stakeholders. That's Community Service 101. Businesses too, are stakeholders, and there are other subgroups that can be identified. But something so basic that the City has not actually identified who there stakeholders are. They are beholden to stakeholders. I know I'm singing to the choir but just had to chime in. I used to moderate such meetings at state government on this topic, and I worked with cities and counties too, and it seemed the smaller the entity, the more (willfully) naive. Who was moderating this?

Great article. I think it would be helpful if we didn't think of the consultants as bad guys. So, while it was frustrating the consultants didn't know off hand who was at the earlier meeting, I don't think they were deliberately withholding information or hiding the ball. On the other hand, I'm not sure if they are helping the City think more effectively about what "stakeholders" might mean and why more diverse voices need to be included. Ultimately, it's the city making the decision.

Re: Michael's comment, I think the consultants are doing a good job. Even though people gasped at the cost of $190,000 for the consulting project, it might be well worth it if outcome is that our City gets on a more thoughtful and intentional path that actually reflects the needs and wants of ordinary citizens instead of the desires of the Chamber of Commerce, the Homebuilders and the Realtors (who, if you haven't noticed, have been in charge for the past 15 years or so). It is up to us to insert ourselves into this planning process and hold the City Council's feet to the fire to really listen to us for a change. We made a good start last Tuesday, but it was just the beginning. We need to keep showing up and in even greater numbers.

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