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February 28, 2017


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Nanke and Lewis comments were, to me, incoherent. Even though I knew their dilemma-they really wanted to vote against it but didn't have the guts to when faced by massive public support-seems to me that they should just have remained silent rather than addled rightwingers wanting to look like nice guys.
It was actually a repeat of the Benjamin vote where obviously didn't want to vote for his expulsion but when confronted by an outpouring of public anger, losty their nerve.
Too bad its not always this easy to intimidate the rightwingers!

I agree with Les. This was going to be a 5-3 vote until over 100 people showed up and 43 of them testified for the inclusive cities resolution. It's interesting to me how the Trump election has changed the political climate in Salem. The Democrats and other progressives and Latinos are very energized. We saw it at the Kurt Schrader town hall the other night too. Jim Lewis and Steve McCoid were thinking about their reelection chances next year when they flipped and voted 'yes.'

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