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January 20, 2017


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With the exception of number #9 I think you have made a sober assessment. You are being far too generous to the person. May I suggest some further points, drawn from a reading of His inaugural address. He feeds upon His base just as they feed upon Him. He is their voice and they will act as the instruments of His righteous anger. I do not support Him because I have feared that He represents a 21st Century incarnation of the evil that nations committed to civility fought so hard against during WWII. I see in some of His supporters little more than SA in mufti.

I would add:

10. There will be a dramatic increase in partisanship. His speech, read carefully, invites an open season on dissent. The speech about as clearly as possible invites and “us” versus “them” paradigm. If you are not with Us there is no place for you.

11. Having stoked a sense that those who do not support His agenda are opposed to those He has fueled as victims, I expect to see suppression of speech and assembly. The condescension Evangelicals have for those who do not share their world view will be mirrored in the political arena. Those who do not support Him will receive the same goodwill that many Evangelicals extend to those who do not share their faith. Just as religious freedom extends only to those who share similar values, political freedom will do so as well. Those who do not sufficiently support Him should rightfully feel the wrath of those who are the True Believers.

12. There will be an increase in the sale of Jack London’s “The Iron Heel.”

With no appeal to community, with no respect for diversity, expect exactly the opposite.

I agree with your wife. I don't think Trump will last four years without an impeachable offense. But is Pence any better? Is Pence asking why we cannot use our nuclear weapons in Iraq like Trump has? Is the bar to success really that low in America? Woe be us.

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