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January 12, 2017


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Well, it sure is good to see that Brian is getting off to a good start with our new mayor.
Boy did he hate the last one! (I really like her.)
ANYBODY, has to be better than her; right?
Okee-Dokee! My popcorn is popped, buttered and salted.
Let the festivities begin!

This today in the Statesman Urinal:

"In September 1953, an engineer named Heda Swart signaled the needed for a third bridge over the Willamette to deal with growing traffic coming from Central Oregon on its way to the coast via the Santiam Highway, the Oregon Statesman reported. In Swart's mind, it would have crossed the Willamette slough at Mission Street and headed onto Brown's Island."

I would really appreciate it if someone could unearth details of Heda's plan for routing HWY 22 OUT of downtown Salem.
Brian's dream of a vibrant streatscape can never happen until this happens.

I read somewhere in the city's bridge reports that 50% of all bridge traffic headed west across the bridge is for destinations further west of West Salem.

Boy what a great deal for all the non-salem polk county (and beyond) people to get a bridge with the financing disproportionately financed by us big city slickers. If this bridge is purely to alleviate traffic congestion on hwy22/bridge traffic, it seems there should be a more equitable regional financing solution to it.

Moreover, if relieving 22 congestion it the whole point of this, then we should be looking for a solution like HarryVanderpool has been advocating for- bypassing the multiple on/offramps and city traffic and making a straight shot available from Mission to past West Salem.

But there won't be because congestion isn't what this really about. The real reason is to make the undeveloped swaths of land north of west salem more accessible/desirable and profitable for developers to make some big $$$.

If you go to google earth you and look at the Dallas / Salem HWY you will notice a sharp bend as you near Salem that points right at Mission St. That HWY is just begging for the logical solution to continue HWY 22 at highway speeds AROUND downtown Salem.
This also gives east bound traffic immediate and convenient connection to I-5.
The thing for all of us to come to grips with:
This connection WILL HAPPEN at some point in time.
Why not now?
Do you want street scapes, bike and pedestrian comfort, sidewalk cafes?
Ain't going to happen with HWY 22 blazing a trail right through the heart of lovely Salem Oregon.
Our downtown core is held hostage as a commercial traffic thoroughfare and lost tourist maze.
I want to see Heda Swart's drawings!

There are lots of problems with the idea of connecting the West end of Mission St. to Hwy 22 as a regional traffic artery. There is the same problem as the 3rd Bridge location — having to cross a giant floodplain with an elevated structure that might have to be a mile long. And this location is probably an earthquake liquefaction zone, as is the 3rd Bridge location. It can be done, but it costs many, many hundreds of millions. Then there is the fact that part of Mission from about Commercial to 12th is now an historic district with three historic buildings: Bush House, Deepwood and Gaiety Hollow. There is no way you could run a four lane expressway by their front door. No way. Salem Hospital would also not be happy with a lot of competing traffic. So this option is a non-starter.

"There is the same problem as the 3rd Bridge location — having to cross a giant floodplain with an elevated structure that might have to be a mile long" Congratulations, you defined what a "bridge" is. THat doesn't automatically make it a problem. "Probably" an earthquake liquefaction zone? What if i say probably not? maybe we should find out and deal in facts and science, as Brian likes to say.

The one-ish block stretch of Mission next to Deepwood (between 12th and University st) is ALREADY 4 lanes with a median. There is plenty of room on the south side of Mission to make it wider, there is that whole parking area, and widening it near the Bush House Museum would still afford more space from Bush House to the road than there is from Deepwood to the road now. plenty of room and that part of the park is kinda crummy anyways.

You can't speak to what Salem Hospital wants, I would say they would like to have a speedy direct route to the west and would love to have traffic from Pringle/Bellevue dissipated over the 2 routes.

As for the whole historic district thing, I think the city has proven recently that doesn't mean much and where there's a will there's a way. I mean you would imagine that the current bridge plan that has the construction steamrolling through the game refuge on the island that is a heron rookery would make it untenable, but here we are.

There you go, your non-starter has now become a starter.

In conclusion, HarryVanderpool for mayor 2019 Brian hines for vice mayor too, trump president for life.

The current proposal for a 3rd bridge is really stupid.
It creates another mess like we have with the current bridges; dumping traffic into no-man's land.
BUT WAIT! only after funneling traffic down Wallace Rd?
And just like our current bridges; how does east bound traffic get to I-5?
Only after meandering lost, through town.
Very poor planning. The current 3rd bridge creates more problems than it solves.
Right now, we have 4 lanes of traffic east bound on HWY 22 all the way to Salem.
We also have 4 lanes west bound all the way into Salem until 12th st.
Making that connection ELIMINATES most non local traffic from our downtown.
It will save a lot of wasted fuel and cut pollution.
I support long term solutions that remove interstate and intrastate traffic from our downtown core, less pollution and quiet vibrant city streets.
The current plans for the 3rd bridge just makes a big mess into a bigger mess.

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