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November 12, 2016


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So where are you taking me for lunch, Brian?
I had already picked out Bob's $0.19 Hamburgers or McDonalds if you won.
But since I won, I'm thinking Rockin Rodgers or the Ram.
I'm also fond of the Roadhouse on commercial.
Hugs & Kisses!

Richardson won in part because of the Kitzhaber mess. He pretty much got screwed by the Dems getting the press to hold back a few weeks and thus saving their control as governor. I'm sure some voters saw Secretary of State as a just reward.

I'm :-D like Harry. I feel your pain Brian as you felt mine in '08 and '12. Don't worry. Trump probably won't turn out as bad as you think or as good as I think.

Since the election is won by electoral votes and not the popular vote, Trump campaigned little in California. No way was he going to win the popular vote there and the electoral votes that go with it, so his big efforts were made in the swing states. Had he made a vigorous campaign effort in California no doubt he would have gained votes there. Not enough to win the state... not by a long shot, but likely enough to surpass Hilary in the total national popular vote. So, I think America has spoken.

In reference to #2, I was reminded of a previous Hinessight post about Salem being Democrat. The secretary of state site breaks down votes by precinct. Most of the precincts found in Salem (urban) are blue (voted for Clinton), while most of the precincts outside of Salem are red.

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