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November 09, 2016


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Thank you Brian. Your well thought out analysis of the situation and your effective communication skills overcame the entrenched groups that had come to see themselves as unstoppable. It does not happen often, but, as you have demonstrated, one person can make a difference.

I agree with Kurt. Thank you. I'm starting to think that you represent the world of post-print local journalism.

Thanks to Brian and to Carole Smith how led this "David vs. Goliath" effort and won! Will the City learn from this? I certainly hope so.

Another job, WELL DONE by Salem's very own David against the ever present tax and spend Goliath's in government. I really appreciate your efforts on this and other wasteful efforts on government's part to blow OPM. (other people's money)
I am sure that you are as thrilled as I am about the sinking of Measure 97?
It takes good citizenry like us to hold our elected feet to the fire.
You CAN beat city hall and Brian seems to do it on a semi regular basis.
Thanks again to Brian and everyone else that spoke up.

Now, lets move that 3rd bridge a couple of miles south and plug HWY 22 W directly into HWY 22 E. and get all of that traffic OUT of our downtown streets.

Thank you for your work Brian.

I saw the photos of the party at Illahe Country Club on the Statesman Journal website and laughed and laughed. Those knuckleheads at the chamber of commerce really have no clue how symbolic and tone deaf holding their celebration at a wealthy country club is. I am surprised they weren't smoking cigars and guffaw-ing while slapping each other on the back, while in the background a sad Brian Hines dressed in pauper's clothes peers in through a window from the chilly outside.

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