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November 22, 2016


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Wow Daniel Benjamin is a piece of shit garbage person. Even if you don't agree with the Black Lives Matter organization (which is me a lot of the time), what he posted is terribly inappropriate, especially for an elected representative in a position of power. Salem does not have the best reputation, earned or not, on matters like this and sadly things like this just go and reinforce this negative perception.

The whole thing with him saying " anyone who doesn't like it can unfriend him.He also said it has nothing to do with race and, "To infer I'm a racist is actually racist." is so mind boggling stupid it just shows he doesn't get it and will never get it.

I would say it's a black eye for Salem, but we all know Daniel Benjamin would only do that if the city was a woman.

!! YIKES !!
Brian's new title:
"The Terminator"

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