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October 31, 2016


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The law says that you can't adversely impact adjacent properties. This is clearly the case.

You have grounds for a lawsuit. Find a good lawyer. Get you neighbors to join in as they will be the next victims.

Also people need to get this story to go viral. Share it widely.

I have done land use in Salem for 25 years. This is not a new situation. But it won't stop unless you make a big stink and the city and developer gets sued.

One of the reasons we have a ward system for the Salem City Council is so that Councilors can be elected from wards to serve their constituents in their wards. Ms. Basalto should have contacted Councilor Steve McCoid a long time ago and asked for his help. She should do it now: . It's called "constituent services" and successful politicians are good at it. Councilor McCoid bent over backwards to try to help the golfers at Creekside with their water bill, so I hope he will do the same for Ms. Basalto.

Weird. A fire damaged house in my neighborhood has been sold to a new nice lady, and she is attempting to tear it down and build a new house on the property, and I have noticed a never ending stream of City of Salem inspectors and code enforcement stopping by to make sure she has the right permits and follows the city codes. It's almost as if the city has two different sets of rules, one for the "little guy" and one for their developer friends.

Also, I would be interesting in knowing the name of the city planner who told Lisa to stop contacting him. If he has no interest in doing his job, he shouldn't have it. What if there were an accident where thousands of gallons of water is "accidentally" (negligently) dumped into this city of salem planner's yard/house. I am sure he would just shrug it off and be all "oh well!" right?

You should move to Portland. All will be much better there.

About 30 years ago we lived on one acre out in rural Marion county in a nice little community.
There was a 2 acre property right dead center of it all that decided to run an illegal land fill.
There were 3 felons that placed an ad in the Statesman offering to haul garbage and trash.
They took all of that to this property and piled it up and burned it.
The county did nothing about it.
When the surrounding property owners all banded together and complained, it was obvious to us that the county saw US as the problem NOT the illegal garbage dumpers.
WE were the ones actually attempting to make them do their jobs, so WE became the problem.

One time, I was on the phone with a county guy and he said, "Well if we could only catch them in the act, maybe we could do something". Just then, a truck loaded with garbage drove by. I said, Get out here quick!!!"
The county guy showed up. Stood by chatting with the felons for a couple of minutes, drove off.
The dumpers continued to pile up garbage bags, light them on fire and the neighborhood got to breathe plastic smoke for the rest of the day.
I called the County guy back to ask what in the world happened???!!
He said, "I've got some good news. They were not unloading the garbage; they were loading it up and going to take it to the dump".
THAT is the level of intelligence you are dealing with.

We live on sunnyside road south of you, on 4 acres and have been here for over 30 years. When our up hill neighbor purchased acres for xmas trees he cleared massave amounts of trees and under brush that protected us from flood waters. This contientious new neighbor, a Mexican man, out of his own pocket, built a huge culvert right adjacent to our property to protect us. His project included a huge city sized grate and he installed down the side of our property, a huge underground (maybe 150 ft) pipe to carry the water to the creek that runs on our property.
We have experienced no flooding because of this amazing neighbor.
All of this happened through conversations between my husband and our neighbor. Needless to say we are deeply grateful.
Good can happen. I so hope you find a peaceful solution. .it feels so good.

I live near the area in question, but am not affected by "that" build. Behind my home they've been building on a hill for years now. And every year, with more trees being removed, more hill being paved over, and more MC MANSIONS going up... more water flows straight on down!

This year, the city sent us all a notice to make sure we know it's our responsibility to get the proper flood insurance because we are now in a designated flood zone. Geee, a man made problem, that the city created and passed on to us to deal with?

Oh you sure are "Keeping It Lame" Salem - no doubt.

As a resident of this area, I attended one of the early Neighborhood Association meetings regarding this development where public input was sought. It was a farce. It was clear, after the meeting, that they were just going through the motions. TJ Sullivan was our city councilor at this time, and whenever anyone at the meeting raised a legitimate concern regarding the environmental impact of the proposed plan, or questioned its density and design, TJ Sullivan and the chief engineer from MultiTech essentially disregarded these issues. And NOWHERE in the original design presented to the public was there any mention of the plan to do significant regrading and create artificial hillsides. Why would this even make sense? So the new homes can loom over the homes that have been there for 30 years?!

I agree with Susann Kaltwasser above. Sounds like you and your neighbors have grounds for a legitimate lawsuit. They need to be held accountable for the adverse impact and likely devaluation of your property.

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