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October 06, 2016


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Great summary Brian! Thanks. The biggest takeaway for me was when he talked about how poorer residents of a community tend to subsidize richer residents. He said this when he was showing the slide of Lafayette, LA, which was the best slide of the bunch for me. Lois Stark asked him to repeat it in the Q&A, just to make sure that's what he said. Yup, that's what he said. Because the infrastructure in older, poorer parts of town was bought and paid for years ago and is not being maintained like it should, property taxes from those places are flowing to the fringes of town to fund new development. I'm sure it's true in Salem.

Excellent recap! I'm saving (and sharing). The path is so clear. Do you really think our new mayor will be on board? I can tell you our neighborhood associations mostly will be. The bit about poorer against wealthier neighborhoods will probably take some deft negotiations.
Very inspiring evening. Hope he comes back!

You left out one great idea, Brian:
In order to free up more land for housing, we need to divert I-5 southbound onto Portland Rd.
We need to divert I-5 Northbound onto Commercial St.
I-5 travelers will dump into downtown Salem, wander around lost and eventually find themselves on the other side, back on I-5.
If it's good enough for HWY 22 East & West,, It will work for I-5.
Then remove the vacant lanes of I-5 from Portland Rd to Commercial St and allow housing development.
I'm sure that you have already thought of this brilliant idea, Brian.
Just a reminder...


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