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September 27, 2016


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Yes, by all means ask Speaker Kotek what can be done about the fact that even though the Columbia River Crossing is dead after millions were spent on a failed planning effort, the Salem River Crossing lives on despite a similarly failed planning effort. And millions are still being wasted (an average of $82K a month on consultants at last count). The CRC died because they could not come up with a viable funding plan. The SRC does not have a viable funding plan either, officially relying on tolling, a gas tax and a vehicle registration surcharge, none of which will ever happen. Politicians like Mayor-elect Bennett go on right-wing talk radio and talk about how we can someday get the Feds and the State to pay for it. That's a total fantasy. In the meantime precious transportation dollars that could be used to retrofit our bridges or even build sidewalks are being squandered. Yes, please ask Speaker Kotek what can be done. Our stupid elected officials in Salem who won't let this die really need some adult supervision.

And the snarky part was...?????????

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