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August 08, 2016


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This seems like a big stretch in terms of the "she's not local" line of reasoning. I agree on the argument that someone accused of bankruptcy fraud seems a less than stellar candidate to handle other people's money, but I don't see how having or not having a local connection or stake in an issue has any bearing on her fitness to perform her duties as Treasurer of a PAC.

Not Even Wrong, good points. I was just pointing out that some supporters of the police facility bond think it is important that I live in a certain place -- within the Salem city limits -- in order to "perform my duty" as an opponent of the bond measure. I'm actually pleased that the supporters picked a woman from 200 miles away to be the treasurer of their PAC, since I'm the treasurer of the Salem Can Do Better PAC and I live only 6 miles from the city limits.

She is also the treasurer for Promote Oregon which is the Oregon House Republicans PAC.

Also the Director of the PAC is T.J. Sullivan well noted Chamber of Commerce attack dog and chief liar, most notably being the person who led the anti-transit Chamber campaign. Of course at that time a tax increase to pay for public transit was bad, but now it is okay to pay for a gargantuan police station. I am assuming that this PAC is the "official" pro-Police Station PAC, so it is pretty telling that they decided to go with Republican Chamber of Commerce people.

Once again the right wing city council and mayor will be siding with the right wing elitist Chamber of Commerce to tell us how we should vote.

The address that the PAC is registered to belongs to Public Affairs Counsel Inc. which is the business of lobbyist Mark Nelson who has worked for, among others, Anheuser-Busch, R.J. Reynolds (the tobacco company), & Fantasy Adult Video. He has fought in the past against a cigarette tax that would have funded services for poor children.

A couple phone calls would have revealed that this lawsuit, filed in January 2015, was dismissed by the court "with prejudice" in December 2015. Mrs. Russell confirmed the dismissal during a phone conversation yesterday. The plaintiff's attorney wasn't available until next week. At the very least, this information suggests need for a correction in the blog.

John, this post doesn't need a correction, because everything I said in it is accurate. Including, Carol Russell was accused of bankruptcy fraud. That is true. I searched via Google for information about how the case turned out, but couldn't find anything.

If you can locate the court documents about the case being dismissed, I'd like to read them. Just leave a link in another comment, or you can email them to me: brianhines1@gmail. com After getting the documents, I'd be glad to make an addition to this post that includes the final deposition of this case. I just don't want to base this only on what Carol Russell told you.

John, an update: I've emailed Banner Bank and Carol Russell, asking each if it is true that the lawsuit against Russell was dismissed in December 2015, and requesting the court documents if this is the case. I'll share any information I get back from them.

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