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August 18, 2016


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Thanks for this! If someone wants to dig even deeper into ORESTAR reports, I think it gets even worse for Bednarz and Lewis, both of whom voted 'yes' on August 11th to recommend a 30% water rate reduction for Creekside Golf Club to be paid for by the rest of us poor saps in Salem. Mountain West made a direct contribution of $500 to Lewis in 3/31/14, and the Mid-Valley Affordable Housing Coalition made an eye-popping total contribution of $6,500 to him in three separate payments in March and May or that year. Could that have been laundered Tokarski money? Besides the $1,000 that Bednarz got in what appears to be laundered money (according to your report), he also got a $499 direct contribution from Mountain West on 4/12/16. Clearly Bednarz, Bennett and Lewis should not be deciding on any rate reductions for Larry Tokarski's golf course. They are all tainted.

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