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July 20, 2016


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No 3rd Bridge...... No Facebook either.

I live smack in the middle of the proposed bridge's east side off ramps. The city has had crews here on a regular basis, all 4 crucial intersections, for at least 2 years now. Hell bent to get as much done as possible has been my take on this all along. Work has also been done on streets that the bridge will require but are not on the official bridge itself. Those are under separate funding, not even part of the discussion. Once all that is in place, the only piece that would be required would be to just drop the bridge into the middle of already finished connecting streets - such as Pine.

I am in 100% support of a 3rd bridge.
However, if sanity were to prevail, and it will some day ; the lanes would begin where Edgewater intersects HWY 22 and yaw to the southeast across the Willamette and plug right into HWY 22 East.
This bridge WILL BE BUILT sooner or later.
Why not now?
Make no mistake about it. Even the most feeble of common sense, (liberals) will acknowledge that this 3rd bridge will eventually be built.
Why not now?
Answer: Piss poor leadership in Oregon.

Meanwhile, when I have a screaming load of kick ass bees to move from Polk county to Madras, you can look forward to seeing our trucks driving right through downtown Salem in the evening
on Salem city streets designated as HWY 22. You can look forward to seeing a steady stream of semi's dumping into downtown Salem 24 hours daily.
Lost travelers in their motorhomes,,,,,

But look at the bright side; we have an ultra liberal walk bridge to Minto Brown!

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