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July 11, 2016


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Looks like this dusty old grampa is just going to be more of the same old jibber jabber we get from the current mayor.

If you don't go along 100% with what he thinks you are being "negative" (wrong) while things he wants to do are inherently "positive" (correct), any disagreement with him is actually a moral failing on your part.

Salemander, nicely said. You cogently described how I also see Chuck Bennett, Gator Gaynor, and Denise Nanke. They are amazingly clueless about the self-reflective absurdity of their "love it or leave it" argument.

Meaning, it's so easy to bounce their words back at themselves.

They don't like people speaking up, citizen activism, public participation. So why don't they move to a city or state that can better fulfill their desire? I don't know, some place in Texas, Louisiana, or Mississippi seemingly would be better suited for their right-wing fantasy of top-down, control by the 1%, Power Structure decision-making.

Further, and like you said, what gives them the moral authority to decide what is "positive" or "negative"? To me, it makes sense to oppose the unneeded billion dollar Third Bridge Mayor-elect Bennett is pushing. He doesn't want to improve and seismically reinforce the current bridges, which would be much cheaper -- and avoid tolls each way, as his beloved Third Bridge would force upon citizens.

Yet Bennett claims that he is "positive" and those opposed to the bridge are "negative." Actually, there are better reasons to claim the reverse: Bennett is acting in a fashion that is bad for Salem, and people arguing a Third Bridge are the forward looking, positive ones.

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