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July 05, 2016


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Thanks for the continued critique of our city. I believe the council is not for the good of the city, only for more and more construction to the determent of keeping the things we have in good repair. Hanging flower baskets (which do look nice) doesn't make up for empty stores or well kept roads. Have you driven on Mission from Commercial to12th lately? The addition of more apartments that are expensive to rent doesn't beautify downtown either. The lack of buses on the weekends makes it difficult to go down town, or leave downtown for shopping. If you live in one of the apartments, and work M-F, how do you get groceries? How do you work downtown on weekends if you don't have a car? Taxies might help you do these things, but again, the cost is pretty high. Every time I read about a third bridge to West Salem I cringe. The traffic on Wallace Rd. is already terrible during rush hours and quite busy any time of day and the council wants to approve a bridge (great cost) to increase this. When are they going to look to the future and do a mass transit light rail, first to West Salem and then increasing to bedroom communities. The ugly bridge to Minto Brown park is also an example of the building frenzy that the council likes. Regarding the police facility, why do they want all the police in one huge building rather than in smaller ones throughout the city?

You actually don't go a step further, as Mr. James does close with a statement that the bond measure "will surely fail, as it should." We just need the majority of those who cast their votes in November to be taking that same step.

Not Even Wrong, good catch. I failed to properly attend to the "as it should." Yes, I'm on the same police facility bond measure wavelength as Geoffrey James is. I'm just a bit more upfront about my opposition to the $82 million bond measure (which likely is in the neighborhood of at least $120 million after financing costs are included, but I need to check on this).

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