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July 01, 2016


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Brian said, "I look forward to the time when Salem becomes progressive in the best sense of this term: creative, forward-looking, and fair-minded, with a commitment to making our city a great place to live for EVERYBODY -- not just a few"

You know, SO DO I. As a former Journey printer, I can see a day in Salem when the volume of welfare checks is so high that the Statesman Urinal printing presses will restart just to keep up with the demand! And how about those food stamps?
Hurray!!! more printing jobs!!

Wait, WAIT,,, Don't forget about all of the tickets and citations that the police issue to democrat bums and vagrants. MORE ORDERS FOR PRINTING!!!

:-D Toe tags for the morgue! If there is a God in heaven, PLEASE keep the lethal OD's coming from heroin and crack! I love printing pallet orders of tag stock! :-)

Salem citizens, we need to band together for a more progressive city.
Lets get those printing presses fired up once again!

Brian, What the heck is going on with the folks on Liberty Rd S.???
Every night I have been running loads of bees out into Talbot via Liberty Road and ALL I SEE is Bud Pierce signs.
Haven't any of you people ever heard of Kokamamie Kate?
Not one single sign for K.K!!????

Now don't get me wrong; most of us on Skyline Rd, You know; those that actually make things, grow things, produce things, are voting for Bud Pierce as well. But pay no attention to us. We, like Pierce, occasionally have to clean the dirt from under our fingernails. Shameful as that might sound. Shameful!!

If this town is EVER to become the progressive mecca that you desire, you better get on the stick with the Kockamamie Kate lawn signs while you still have time!

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