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July 23, 2016


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Dusty Old Grandpa Bennett seems to say some really stupid shit, whats his deal? LIke I don't think he is really as stupid as he acts, so is he just naive or an asshole or what?

And they way he frames it at the end with "Our Police officers deserve better..." is so transparently manipulative and pandering and lame that I laughed out loud reading it. does he actually believe anyone goes for his cheesy lobbyist bullshit.

The great irony in all of this is that most of Chucky's post could be applied to the City and the Mayor and Dusty Old Grandpa themselves-
" the truth plays so little part in any of the discussions about the real need Salem has to provide adequate, safe space for Salem's police officers"
(yeah we NEED to spend 83 not 40 million, add the call center, need 2x the space we said we did a few years ago, and have to use an out of town company to build it)
"Our police officers and our community deserves better"
(than what this mayor, mayor elect and city council are doing to fuck all this up)

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