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July 14, 2016


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Wait a minute, so now you want everyone to toe the party line and "just go along"? Who are you? The mayor of Salem?

Not Even Wrong, this isn't a matter of toeing the party line. It is a matter of choosing to do what is best for this country.

Politics, like life, involves continually adjusting to changing circumstances. Sanders sought the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. He lost to Clinton. Now Sanders has conceded and urged his supporters to back Clinton and defeat Trump.

I don't understand what you mean by "going along." It isn't possible for Sanders supporters to continue on their previous path of supporting his presidential candidacy, given Sanders' withdrawal from the race. So these supporters have to go in a different direction.

They get to choose which direction. I advise voting for and supporting Hillary Clinton, because she is the only viable progressive candidate who can beat Donald Trump. I realize that some Sanders supporters want to head somewhere else: toward the Green Party candidate, or not voting at all. I haven't yet heard a convincing argument for doing anything other than supporting Clinton, but I'm open to such.

I'm not sure what you advise people to do. Vote for Trump? Hopefully not. Vote for Stein, the Green Party candidate? She can't win, so a vote for her is essentially the same as not voting. And I can't see any reasons for not voting in this super-important presidential election.

I thought this site was supposed to be about snark? How can it be about snark if you don't recognize it when it jumps up and snarks you in the ass?

OMG! I took you seriously! Now I've wasted my VERY BEST ARGUMENT for Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton.

But I'm sure this was meant to be by the Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster and/or the Pantheistic Goddess I am deeply devoted to, assuming she is as divinely hot as I imagine her.

Surely some genuinely misguided Sanders supporter will read my comment and decide to vote for Clinton. Then, she will win the electoral votes in the state where this supporter lives by one vote, which were needed to guarantee her the presidency, and this blog will have changed history.

Maybe HIllary could try to not be such a garbage candidate and actually give people a reason to vote FOR her besides "Donald Trump sucks" and "Because I am a woman." I am not blindly committed to either party and these are the only 2 reasons I can think of that HIllary has clearly communicated to be reasons to vote for her. I am sure you can rattle off a list of reasons Brian but I think most non-rabid hillary people take away those 2 points the most from what she has said. And all that inspires is a resounding "who gives a crap?"

Even though Not Even Wrong snarks about it, it does appear to be some sort of cognitive dissonance on your part where you are so opposed to the local 1%ers and entrenched ruling elite clique holding political powers and working for their own lobbyist/special interests, and then encouraging people to now go along with a similar situation on the national scale just because they(Hillary) say that are on your team (progressives). Hillary Clinton is the very definition of the entrenched elite 1% bought and sold for special interest beholden politician. The thought process is like "Dictators are bad, unless it is a dictator that believes the same thing i do." (note to literalists this is a metaphor i am not actually saying either side is a dictator)

Some people will vote for Trump just to mess with the system, as a giant middle finger to the establishment. Because for whatever reason there are many people who feel the establishment has been giving a giant middle finger to them this whole time, no matter which party has been in power. An insider like Hillary will just stay the course. So why not vote for Trump- "If I'm going to hell I'm taking all you sons of bitches with me."

1). Nader did not give Bush FL in the 2000 election. Party shenanigans and the Supreme Court gave Bush the election.
2). If your major issue is peace, electing Hillary may be worse than electing Trump,

Headline in the Urinal and Daily Dead Fish Wrapper in large bold font the day after voting closes:

Just giving you time to get ready to deal with it.
Brian; you got the guts to bet me lunch?
Hugs & Kisses! XOXOXOXO

Harry, you just gave me a nightmare. It's going to take a few extra tokes of weed to get me to sleep soundly tonight. It already freaks me out that 40% of voters say they support Trump. The idea of him actually WINNING is super disturbing. So I'll do my best to forget your headline fantasy.

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