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June 14, 2016


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Better ban planes trains and automobiles then too. Bombs are already banned so we got that covered.

JT, we don't ban planes. We just regulate them so they're as safe as possible. After 9/11 we can't carry knives or box cutters on a plane, but we can still use planes. Yet after countless mass killings with guns, including assault rifles, we haven't regulated the weapons that have been used to kill people.

Likewise, trains and automobiles also are highly regulated. Cars need to have airbags, for example. You can't buy a car that doesn't have one, because a lack of air bags leads to more deaths and injuries. But you can buy a gun that has little or no purpose except to kill people.

So, yes, it'd be a good idea to treat guns like we treat planes, trains, and automobiles.

Sure, and I expect no minds to be changed here but planes trains and automobiles are not covered by the constitution. All these bans were already in effect in Paris. Killers will find a way no matter what simply because they don't obey laws.

Cars while highly regulated still won't stop someone who can't find a gun or make a bomb from driving "full automatic" through a Saturday market a line at movie theater or a dance club.

JT, this guy persuasively argues that even with the Supreme Court's 2008 Heller decision, there still is plenty of legal room to regulate guns. Even including a ban on assault weapons. So it isn't the Constitution standing in the way of doing this, it is political cowardice.


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