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June 28, 2016


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Councilor Lewis comes up for re-election in two years. Let's start planning to replace him now. He seems like a very nice guy. But he lost my vote after referring to "Wallace Boulevard" in a council meeting, saying that there was obviously no need for bike/pedestrian improvements on that mammoth road because there were so few bicycles and pedestrians using that road. Well, duh. Ever wonder why, Jim?
Consider his "investigation" of your remarks a compliment, Brian. They obviously had an impact.

Hi Brian,

I agree with everything here except the personal attack on Councilor Lewis. First, I am opposed in general to personal attacks, especially in political discourse, and second, it undercuts your argument.

Paul Graham's little essay, "How to Disagree," says it better than I can.



Based on Jimmy Boy's logic, I supposed we should go back through all of the city council meetings "tapes" and figure out every single instance of error, misrepresentation, or untruthfulness spoken by the council and their chamber of commerce toadies who testify.

Brian, You know that I am always on your side. I am on your side even when we disagree which is becoming less and less as you age, pull your head out, and become more and more conservative. I stand with you and appreciate your views and work on this mess.
But Brian, PLEASE do not compare anything connected to this with Bengasi.
NO ONE stood and stared bald face into the camera, from either side and blamed a video for the discussion of the police station.
No matter what happened in Bengasi, Hitlery Clinton stared bald face into the camera, over and over and blamed the situation on a video. NOBODY stands behind that story now.
Hitlery lied, knew that she was lying and has ben exposed as a liar.
There are no liars in the police discussion. only differing opinions.
That's America!
Big difference.

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