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April 17, 2016


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Brian, I love your ad.
Especially the part about affordable housing.
I am so proud to hear that you will be investing in rental properties and voluntarily renting them at a loss. What a guy!!!
How big of a loss are you prepared to take on each unit just to help out?
I can see that you are out to have a million in the bank in no time.
Just make sure to start out with two.

Looks like you got your first troll in Mr Vanderpool. No doubt he's a chamber member.

Did you catch that, Brother Brian?
Because I post an oppositional view, I'm a troll.
You and I are old enough to remember the little toy cat that folks would place next to the rear window in their car. It would nod YES at every little bump in the road.
I guess that not being a lock-stepper or a yes-nodder makes me a troll.
And is it even possible to be a "troll" on a blog titled, "Salem Political Snark"?

Harry, you're not a troll. You're just a guy with super weird ideas about the world (when you disagree with me), yet also super great ideas about the world (when you agree with me).

Yes, it's difficult to be a troll on a blog that has "snark" in the name. Logically, the snarkier the comment, the more true to the spirit of this blog it would be.

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