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April 14, 2016


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Carole is not really an outsider. She has been deeply involved with all the players running the city for decades, has served on numerous boards and commissions, neighborhood associations, and has served the city continuously for a long time. While she has not run for office, she has done almost everything else.

But really, tagging someone as "in" or "out" does nothing to further the discussion, says nothing for policy, and only tries to color a person without substance or any "paint".

Her ideas need a sharp pencil, because i am not convinced that laying off staff will make it easier to increase services, that there is enough urban renewal money to accomplish her vision of street scaping, and i have not seen a clear recognition of how the city can move forward to catch up on deferred maintenance given the limited funds available due to compression and the 10/1000 property tax limitation without significant new revenues.

That combined with the bond coming for the new police facility, finding MORE new revenue will be a challenge in an environment where we cannot convince the residents to even implement a tiny payroll tax for transit lower than what most other cities levy for decades.

Carole this morning on KMUZ implied that the money spent on beautiful riverfront park was not worth it because her properties (and others, she has been heavily invested in downtown properties) did not increase as a result, ignoring the immense non financial value such a park has for the city. I disagree and believe it brings people downtown and increases the quality of life for potential businesses to locate, and people to move here.

Many of Carole's ideas are worth a look, but there is a bit of reality that people need to recognize that there are huge obstacles to accomplish the grander vision, and we may be left with all she can handle guiding us through a police plan, parking, and vacancies. She referred to downtown as a slum for the second time, the first time in a facebook post, and I believe she is dead wrong about that. Improvements can be made, but I prefer to start from the perspective that we have a beautiful city that is stressed, divided, and in need of a uniter.

Carole still needs to prove her populist agenda and methods can be flexible enough to convince the private investor community to go along without alienating them, or the campaign to replace her will begin on day one of her term.

I do not endorse Bennet, but i do want to avoid a "Swaim/Chamber" like battle that stopped progressive movements in Salem for decades because of the struggle for power, money, and the riches gained from redevelopment that ignores the bulk of the citizenry.

I fear some of the issues of our leadership ignoring the citizenry could be replaced by a vicious battle with the development community that would be very different in nature, but just as difficult to move forward in a positive way for all citizens.

This is one of the most interesting mayoral races in recent memory, good luck to us all. The choice is not as easy as it may look on paper...

Marc, I was about to write the same viewpoint that Carole is certainly not an outsider. But she's also not an insider if you define that as being part of the small group who does the decision-making. She's certainly informed and active, regardless of which side of the glass she's on.

It will be interesting to see if we can get the uniting candidate you mention, especially given the polarity of those who currently take the time to get involved. Seems like we'll have to wait at least one more election cycle.

I like hearing these wacky stories about the mayor.

I get a real Dolores Umbridge (from the Harry Potter books) vibe about her.

I am curious why I see candidate signs on the median. Notably ones for mayor (Bennett ) and city councilors. This is illegal - do they feel that they are above the law or will they continue to be selective on the laws they wish to follow? This simply makes me angry. Blatantly disregarding laws for a self serving purpose....oh wait, I guess that is what I should expect.

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