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March 21, 2016


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The Statesman Journal, in a special edition of their Gannet Award winning monthly feature, Things We Heard Happened, reports that a local political gadfly has started another blog.

"This blog is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from anything I've ever done", reports Brian Hines, aforementioned local political gadfly.

"I'm really excited to finally have a forum to occasionally write about my sometime hobby of local politics."


Not Even Wrong, that would be a pleasingly snarky Statesman Journal piece. I'd applaud it. But you're assuming that SJ staff keep up on what's actually happening in Salem.

Rather, it seems they're mostly busy cutting and pasting USA Today stories into their page layout; copying press releases from the City of Salem and Chamber of Commerce, then putting a byline on the "story"; counting how many clicks their web site has gotten from the latest meaningless puff-piece; and praying that the Angry Owl strikes again so they'll have some local news to report on the SJ front page.


But you see, that was the joke; present non-news as news, then pat yourself on the back for doing so.

And to be clear, I am referring to SJ, not you.

Snark is hard, but we'll get the hang of it.

Mr. Snark
I stumbled upon a letter to the editor in our beloved Statesman Journal the other morning written by one Terry Hancock. I felt the urge to do a little vetting of Bednarz via a quick search of Google. Only two clicks away was the very interesting information that you have shared here. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts. I have known for a long time of the corruption within our state and local governments here in the formerly great state of Oregon. It is because of people like you that are willing to hold their feet to the fire, that these people are held somewhat accountable for their indiscretions. Thank You.
Sad it is that Mr. Hancock would compromise himself in such a way, and the SJ is so limited in its responsibilities to the public to publish such an opinion.

Mark, thanks. Yes, the Statesman Journal has become a journalistic joke. The paper never reported on the Bednarz ethics complaints. It's pathetic that an old man blogger in his sweat pants (I don't wear pajamas) is doing better investigative reporting than our so-called "community newspaper." I'd rather be smoking weed and watching our grass grow, in that order, than devoting myself to Salem Political Snark. But, hey, someone has to do it. The Statesman Journal sure isn't.

Hi,I need to know if Chane has any connections to Soros.

Thank you.

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