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March 29, 2016


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It isn't "The Big One Earthquake" you dork!
(That's snark lesson installment #1)
How about, "When Cascadia Blows...."
Or, The Cascadia Subduction earthquake"?
The problem is; if you don't sound like you know what you are talking about, you probably don't.
(No extra charge for that little zinger)

Harry, there are plenty of references to the Big One earthquake in the northwest. Plenty! Just Google "Big One earthquake northwest."

Yes, Big One also is used to refer to giant earthquakes in California. But the famous New Yorker article called "our" quake the Really Big One. So sue me: I left off "really." It's still a Big One. Or a Really Big One.

Plenty of references?
I don't turn to my super-smart, over the hill buddy to just magpie "references".
I thought you were above all of that?
(snarky installment #2)
Look; even the Statesman Urinal got the vernacular correct:
Wise up!

Funny, if you look at the image that Brian uses that says "The Big One. Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest" it's actually an image taken from the University of Washington's Burke Museum. It's *almost* as if UW (a well respected University with a top ranked Earth Sciences department) thinks this phrasing is a good way to communicate to the general public. But yeah, I'm sure you know best, Harry. We'll keep using "the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake" insead... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well THANK YOU Micah for the beautifully snarky validation of my point!!!
"the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake" is the proper description.
Your high brow University made their little color crayon drawing so that they could communicate with the "little people", the masses. Does that describe you?
"The Big One" title only serves to turn intelligent people off, roll their eyes and wait for you to talk about your bottle collection as a hedge for when "The Banks Fail".
Out-snark THAT!

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