You are a typical asshole who doesn't know much about wildlife in the state of Oregon. Move back to California or the East Coast where you belong.

How much money does the average enviro spend on protecting wildlife while complaining about hunters ect. Hunters spend thousands to promote heathy enviroments for game while most most of you do little to help. Your numbers are wrong, and the truth of the matter is deer populations are not doing well in our state because of predation. 1 cat takes one deer, elk, sheep or goat every week. Thats equal to over 100 hunters. The average hunter sucess rate per game unit is 30 percent at best. The state of biologist want more hunting and have supported measure 34 to repeal 18.
Futhermore, as a native and third generation Oregonian I don't think most outside of Portland see this issue "Through an Oregonians Eye" like yours. Spend some time actually getting into the field and get your facts staight because your just another one of the sheep you listen to groups from outside of our state.

James, I don't have to go far to get "into the field," since I basically live in one. Our home is on ten acres in rural south Salem. We've got deer browsing in our yard every day. We have cougars around here also, along with coyotes. So we know a lot about wildlife.

We just don't hunt them. Most Oregonians are like us, not like you: non-hunters. The United States and Oregon are democracies. Public lands aren't managed for the benefit of a few people, but for the benefit of all the people. So the goal of wildlife management isn't just to keep enough game animals around to keep hunters happy.

Research shows that top predators like cougars and coyotes are essential to a healthy ecosystem. Read some of my posts on this subject if you don't believe this. Go to the Google search box in the right column and type in "cougar" or "coyote."

how thing look through an "oregonian's" eyes >. unfortunately "oregonian" and liberal have become inter-changeable these days:
not all lib ideas are bad >. but almost all have unintended consequences

i am so sorry >. being a NATIVE OREGONIAN does not give one special insight or credibility >. in fact considering the jingoistic heritage of of Oregonians (they are a bunch of Okies) and the school system in Oregon (sub par to put it mildly) >. being a "native" implies both bias and stupidity >> no offense

quid, I grew up in California and moved to Oregon when I was 22. So I guess from your point of view I'm immune from the diseases of native Oregonian'ness.

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