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April 21, 2022


I don't find wearing a mask easy to do. Breathing feels restricted. I am continuously recycling my exhaust gases. That can't be good. My sense of humor is often conveyed by my facial expression. Strangers and even people I know misunderstand me when I'm wearing a mask which is infrequent. Conversely I misunderstand them because I can't see their expression if they are wearing a mask. For me, the whole human interaction thing is screwed up with masks.

N95 masks have been shown to be moderately effective in preventing transmission. Other mask types have been proven ineffective.. a waste of effort. So if you want a better chance to prevent giving or receiving disease you should wear an N95. Problem: breathing is even more restricted with N95s in my experience.

I think there is an element of immunity to covid that is not understood. I think having previously contracted a SARS-related illness confers some immunity in some people. I never have been a mask wearer except where absolutely required like Dr.'s offices, certain schools, etc. I have been around people who have tested positive and had covid. I have never tested positive in six tries. I am comfortable taking the non-mask-wearing route.

I do not like the government ordering people to wear masks. We should be free to do so or not. Coercive tactics based on uncertain, nebulous science, fear and politics violate the personal freedom we have in this country (USA) in regard to our health and other issues.

Wear a mask if you want. I choose not to.

Anyone that thinks they are inconvenienced by wearing a mask for 15 minutes each time they go do an essential activity like shopping in the store should do this:
Search online for this “ covid micro bleed”.

The risk of microbleeds in your brain or other organs and risking permanent damage even for mild Covid-19 cases is simply not worth not wearing an N95 mask.

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