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February 16, 2022


A source of confusion is that people treat Covid like it is a disease. It is actually a political football (like all major issues, such as war)
Soon after kickoff, it became clear that, in less authoritarian countries, cases would tend to be maximized.
Cases drop, restrictions ease. Cases rise, restrictions increase.
Not only does that mean that an unhappy median will tend to be maintained, but it also provides more time for fresh new players (variants) to come into the game.
League rules are a bit unclear, so it may be that there will be numerous overtimes but sudden death is another possibility.
Many physicians thought that letting it run its course was the way to go. That was based on the belief that it was not extremely serious and mortality would be low.
Even with high mortality, they may have been correct. Adults are essentially aging teenagers that don't like to be told what to do.
Tell teenagers what is best for them and they will probably disagree with you, do exactly the opposite of whatever you want them to do, or simply ignore you.
Their command of technology is proof that teenagers, when properly motivated, can do incredible things. After the first million or so deaths, citizens may have decided to act, on their own.
If deaths were in the millions and the economy and health care systems collapsed, that would have been unimaginably horrific but it now seems that there is a possibility that, in the long run, it may have been a better alternative, taking into account human behavior, as it is.
The biologist part of me suggests that it is the development and application of treatments that is now the most serious public health threat. When the virus is allowed to survive for extended periods within the body, more opportunities for successful mutations are provided.
Every new season provides opportunities for standout draft picks to show what they got.

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