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August 20, 2021


Stopping the virus with a mask is like trying to stop mosquitos from entering or leaving your yard with a chain link fence. Viruses are much smaller than the pores of the masks. Masks are effective in preventing the transference of bacteria which are many times larger than viruses.

That said, some of the virus is bound with moisture droplets in your breath and some virus is bound with moisture droplets in the outside air. These droplets are large enough to be slowed or stopped by a proper mask. With a mask you will be breathing in less virus but not all virus particles. Some will get through.

So, masks both work and don't work. Both sides are correct. If you are in an area with many virus particles in the air, a mask provides limited protection and you are likely to be exposed. Same for others if you are infected. Your mask provides only limited protection for them.

Be under no illusion about masks.

I wear N95 3M masks. Same as the hospital workers. I bought a supply for our emergency supplies years ago. And yes they stop Covid particles in or out. They stop 95% of 100 nm particles and Covid particles are 125nm. Check the 3M data sheet.

The US Government should be sending 10 N95 masks to every United States citizen.

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