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March 19, 2021


Although you sometimes seem to have a bit of a conservative virus embedded in your operating system and occasionally make "over the top" remarks, the contributions that you make are unique and appreciated.

As the disparity between incomes widen, fewer people will have access to competent reporting due to the increasing dominance of paywall protected sources. You could be profiting from your work and I respect your choice to provide the free service.

An example of the importance of what you do is the recent school board article. Not only was it excellent, but it provided an opportunity for Jim to make his incredibly accurate and important comment.

You can't stop progress (even when it may not be as progressive as intended) so going digital is in the cards, just as going digital seems to describe the future of library systems.

As Salem is showing signs of catching up with cultural changes, I can imagine that there could one day be enough support for an online competitor to the Journal. I miss the writings of Helen Caswell.

After all, without being able to hold the physical object in your hands, what does the Journal really have to offer. Not much, in my opinion. Anyone can post digitally and there is a plethora of talent out there just yearning for opportunities to participate.

An informed public is, of course, key to a functioning democracy.

Brian, you haven't been reading The Oregonian online the last few years, when they went to a four-day home delivery schedule? Like you, as a 71-year old, I prefer reading words on printed paper. There is something relaxing about the printed page that I prefer. That being said, I had been reading the e-edition of The Oregonian three days a week and then every day, during our annual Summer-in-the-Winter trip to the Southwest for three months.

I live in a rural area also, at the end of The Oregonian delivery route (they apparently follow USPS routes). I often failed to get a paper delivered, and just read it online instead. As a Progressive/Democratic Socialist, I am also concerned about mitigating climate change. So, I felt guilty adding CO2 to the atmosphere by having a physical product hauled out to my house. Even though I was reading The Oregonian online for a good portion of the year. A few months ago I discovered, trying to renew my subscription, The Oregonian now offers a digital only subscription. That was all it took (a financial incentive) to stop getting the physical product.

My transition was helped by my starting to read The Washington Post, New York Times, and The Guardian, online, last year. Yes, this is the future! I still dislike listening or watching for information. All of those publications are pushing audio and video. So far, I read a transcript if available (notably Ezra Klein), but otherwise skip the info.

To respond to Kurt's posting: those citizens not now paying for news, are not going to be deprived of info. The vast majority of Americans are not now informed from news organizations (see Ezra's interview with Kristen Soltis Anderson).

Now if I can only transition to electronic storage of information, instead of printing on paper!

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