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January 26, 2021


That's pretty fast Brian. I just got a reading of 111 mbps download and 101 mbps upload with our CenturyLink fiber connection.

I am envious, Brian! I signed up to be a beta tester, also. But, I am just one mile from a Comcast cable line and two miles from a Ziply fiber optic line. While I would hope Starlink would know that I have no ability to connect to those lines, they may think I can. I guess I'll have to wait until more satellites are online and the beta testing period is over. Musk has stated the service cannot supply urban areas with service, as the capacity won't be there. I hope they will, in the future, know I cannot get internet service from a wired hookup (we are too far from Ziply's switching station for DSL).

We have a large house and currently use WIFI extenders to cover all areas. I tried to find out if the Starlink router has to be used for WIFI coverage, but couldn't find any info on their website. Do you know the answer to that question?

We currently have 11MBPS WIMAX service that is fine if only one person in the household is watching TV (my wife and I don't watch the same programs). So, I can be patient as I wait for Starlink to build out. I assume the Amazon service will be years away. And Verizon could also provide me with Home 5G as their tower is just one mile away. At the age of 71, I may die or have to move before I see 140 MBPS on a speed test!

William, I've read that it isn't necessary to use the Starlink router, but that router is needed to get statistics on the time obstructions were in the way, when Beta Downtime occurred, and such. Naturally a speed test can be done with any router.

Seemingly it also would be possible to plug a wi-fi extender into the Starlink router, since it has an extra Ethernet port. We've been using the Google Nest device to give us a stronger CenturyLink DSL wi-fi signal. Since we're getting good wi-fi throughout our house with the Starlink router, I'm holding off on getting a Nest to plug into it.

Can you please tell me where you purchased the Ridgeline Roof Mount? I don't see it in the Starlink store and I can't seem to find a reference with a google search.

Steve, I also didn’t see the Ridgeline Mount available for purchase on the Starlink web site, so I submitted a support request asking about that mount. I got a quick response saying that a Ridgeline Mount could be ordered for me, using the credit card on file that I used to pay for the Starlink.

The reason it wasn’t on the web site supposedly was that the site was being updated. But that doesn’t make sense, since last time I looked the Ridgeline Mount still wasn’t available. Anyway, put in a support request asking for the Ridgeline Mount. Maybe you’ll be able to get the mount that way, like I did.

Has anyone tried the ridge line mount on standing seam roof yet, because it may not lay flat like on asphalt shingle roof.

I noticed on the Starlink app "Look For Obstructions" wasn't just one direction facing you. You had to move the phone around which then gave you a circle to view. It needs a fairly wide view. After rotating the phone to include the circle which may be the dish degrees needed, I had 3 trees that had to be cut down. My kit won't come until Fall but I'm ready. I wish they would open customer service up. I'd like to reset my password but there isn't any contact available of any kind. I've been trying for 3 weeks.

Gretchen, we have tall trees on the west, east, and south. The only mostly unobstructed view from our roof is to the north. That's the direction our Starlink is pointing, at a fairly steep angle. So I wouldn't worry too much about obstructions in any area except to the north. I'm assuming you live in a northern latitude. I'm at about 45 degrees north. I was thinking we'd have to cut some trees down, but that wasn't necessary. The Starlink app is showing that we have no obstructions at all, even though I thought we would.

Brian, I've always wondered what elevation the dish might be looking for. You mention that you are at 45 degrees latitude and the dish is pointing north at "a pretty steep angle". I'm at 46 degrees latitude. I don't have a kit yet. But I'm on a lakefront with a lot of tall trees between the house and the lake. I'm trying to figure out whether I can roof mount and get over the trees or if I need to mount at lakeside and shoot over the lake. The determining factor is elevation and Starlink doesn't have much to say on that subject. I've seen photos of Starlink dishes that seem to be pointed straight up, which makes no sense to me unless you live at the North Pole. How steep do you think your elevation is?

Scott, I believe the Starlink only goes vertical when it is installed, hooked up to power, and starts searching for satellites. I just took a photo of our setup from our elevated carport, so I was pretty much level with the top of the roof, the photo may not be perfectly level, but fairly close,

I have a Handy Level app on my iPhone, Holding it up to the dish outside indicated about 26-27 degrees elevation. When I hold it next to the photo, I get more like 21 degrees. So maybe around 23-24 degrees, since the photo isn’t exactly level.

Anyway, hope this gives you a rough idea of where the dish is pointing, Like you, I was worried about three tall firs to our north. It turned out that the Starlink app is showing zero seconds of obstruction now, after showing brief periods initially. Can’t remember how long, no more than a minute or two every 12 hours, I recall.

Could be wrong, but it figures that as more satellites are launched, the dish will have an easier time finding satellites without obstructions. You’ll just have to see what happens with your Starlink. As you indicated the app isn’t clear about what elevation the dish will be pointing at. Seems like this could be done if the user provides an address or geographic coordinates, since the elevation probably varies with latitude,

I was sort of wrong about the “pretty steep angle.” I guess I was pleased that the angle was enough to get over the tall firs, which are a ways from our house but still showed up in the app when I checked for obstructions before getting the Starlink.

I would like your opinion on using this set up on a metal, 12 pitch roofline. I found a high heat resistant rubber mat for a base. Just wondering what the flexibility is for the roof angle.

Brian, I think that what the app is doing in "Check for Obstructions" is showing you what part of the sky Dishy will look at in your location and what part it will not look at. You hold the phone where Dishy is going to go and tilt it around to see where the 100 degree wide circle in the sky is. Wherever the screen is black can be ignored. Wherever it shows not black, you check if it is clear sky or an obstruction. Just being able to point the camera and see a clear sky in one direction isn't enough.

The app knows your GPS location so knows where in the sky the 100 degree wide circle is for you. Dishy points itself in the center of that circle, and then has a phased array antenna which can be aimed electronically to different parts of the sky within that 100 degree diameter cone without having to physically move to re-aim at whatever satellites are in view.

Has anyone tried the Ridge Mount over a Ridge Vent ??

Does anyone have a Starlink customer service phone number so I can order the ridgeline mount ? They sure make it difficult to contact them.

Thanks for your review!

I agree w/Alan Lane's comment. I have to way to purchase (shop) on my Starlink account AND no way to contact them. Support has been removed. I am supposed to receive my equipment mid to end of year, but no way to contact them. Only a way to cancel and get a refund of my deposit...which isn't very encouraging. Idk if they are having supply issues or ???

If anyone know of any other way to contact or another roof mount kit that would work, please post about it! I am rather concerned at this point since I have no way of ordering...but maybe they will get

Thank you!

Where did you get the starlink ridgeline mount from

jonathon, as noted in this post, I got it from Starlink after noticing that it wasn't listed for purchase on their web site. I contacted support and asked about the Ridgeline Mount. I was told I could get one, so bought it. I don't know why it isn't available now. There are alternatives available on Amazon for satellite TV dishes, so that could be an option. Connection of the Starlink dish to it would be a bit more complicated, of course.

would you be able to give me the size (LxWxH) of the bricks?
Your seems to be the neatest configuration I have seen so far.

Hi I was wondering if there is a name in the ridge line roof mount. I have not been able to get to from Starlink at this time thanks

How do I order the "Ridgeline roof mount' ?

Buck, as you're probably aware, Starlink no longer offers it for sale. I don't know why. I like it a lot, since it doesn't require drilling holes in our roof. Amazon offers other types of ridge mounts for satellite dishes and whatnot. You might find that one of these would work for you, maybe by buying the $24 Starlink pipe adapter and attaching that to the Amazon-purchased ridgeline mount. Here's one listing:


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