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January 26, 2021


That's pretty fast Brian. I just got a reading of 111 mbps download and 101 mbps upload with our CenturyLink fiber connection.

I am envious, Brian! I signed up to be a beta tester, also. But, I am just one mile from a Comcast cable line and two miles from a Ziply fiber optic line. While I would hope Starlink would know that I have no ability to connect to those lines, they may think I can. I guess I'll have to wait until more satellites are online and the beta testing period is over. Musk has stated the service cannot supply urban areas with service, as the capacity won't be there. I hope they will, in the future, know I cannot get internet service from a wired hookup (we are too far from Ziply's switching station for DSL).

We have a large house and currently use WIFI extenders to cover all areas. I tried to find out if the Starlink router has to be used for WIFI coverage, but couldn't find any info on their website. Do you know the answer to that question?

We currently have 11MBPS WIMAX service that is fine if only one person in the household is watching TV (my wife and I don't watch the same programs). So, I can be patient as I wait for Starlink to build out. I assume the Amazon service will be years away. And Verizon could also provide me with Home 5G as their tower is just one mile away. At the age of 71, I may die or have to move before I see 140 MBPS on a speed test!

William, I've read that it isn't necessary to use the Starlink router, but that router is needed to get statistics on the time obstructions were in the way, when Beta Downtime occurred, and such. Naturally a speed test can be done with any router.

Seemingly it also would be possible to plug a wi-fi extender into the Starlink router, since it has an extra Ethernet port. We've been using the Google Nest device to give us a stronger CenturyLink DSL wi-fi signal. Since we're getting good wi-fi throughout our house with the Starlink router, I'm holding off on getting a Nest to plug into it.

Can you please tell me where you purchased the Ridgeline Roof Mount? I don't see it in the Starlink store and I can't seem to find a reference with a google search.

Steve, I also didn’t see the Ridgeline Mount available for purchase on the Starlink web site, so I submitted a support request asking about that mount. I got a quick response saying that a Ridgeline Mount could be ordered for me, using the credit card on file that I used to pay for the Starlink.

The reason it wasn’t on the web site supposedly was that the site was being updated. But that doesn’t make sense, since last time I looked the Ridgeline Mount still wasn’t available. Anyway, put in a support request asking for the Ridgeline Mount. Maybe you’ll be able to get the mount that way, like I did.

Has anyone tried the ridge line mount on standing seam roof yet, because it may not lay flat like on asphalt shingle roof.

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